Peter Chang's Tasty China II
Posted by Tom Maicon on January 7, 2011
Who remembers Spring of 2010 when Peter Chang, the famed Szechuan chef with nomadic tendencies, made a visit to Atlanta to look at possible locations for his namesake restaurant? Word quickly spread through the Internet like a wild fire sweeps across bone-dry woods on a hot windy day. Local foodies made a mad stampede to the Marietta restaurant while culinary journalists stopped in mid meal to jump a plane from as far away as Washington D.C. and New York City. Chang-mania turned into Chang-hysteria and our fair city was on the culinary map once again.

"There was hardwoods/logs throughout and there was a large window looking out on the river (Would be an awesome place for a party or reception). The bathroom was super clean!!!! We ordered several dishes and after a bit of a search on the interwebs I realized the Tasty China menu is almost identical to Peter Chang's (I know about the history)." From Elite '11. Nancy B. (
What's is Peter Chang?
Peter Chang has returned to Atlanta with just one thought, opening a new resturant that bears his name and serves authentic Chinese cuisine. Peter Chang is an award winning chef specializing in Szechwan cuisine, he has cooked for several restaurants in the American southeast. real more...

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